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Directions from Auch to Peyloubčre

On arriving in AUCH from any direction, follow the signs out of town marked TARBES/LANNEMAZAN.  About two miles from the centre of Auch (ie the Cathedral Square or river bridges) you will pass a large supermarket called CARREFOUR.  Go straight past this, through the lights and into an avenue of trees for about 200 yards when you will come to a large  roundabout.  Take the fourth road off the roundabout which is marked PAVIE AND LANNEMAZAN.

You will then drive straight ahead and pass a shopping area on the right (La Fontaine) and then reach the old village of Pavie, passing Eychenne garage on the left and the Pharmacie on the right.  In the middle of the village, take a left turn by the MAIRIE and continue down this road, out of the village and over the OLD BRIDGE. 

Approach.JPG (28571 bytes)Having crossed the Bridge, continue straight ahead passing the stadium on your right until you reach a fork in the road.  Take the right fork to AUTERRIVE - la route de Peyloubère - and follow the road until there are only fields on either side of the road.  Beyond the fields and to the left you will see two large Cedar of Lebanon trees and PEYLOUBERE clearly marked on the chateau wall.

Turn left and then immediately right into the main entrance between the Cedar trees and you will come to a circular rose garden with the main house on the right.  Please take care if you are carrying bicycles on the roof of your car as the gateway is not very high. You will find us by ringing the bell at the top of the flight of wooden steps. 

GPS co-ordinates - Latitude 43.60611 - Longitude 0.6077

Bon Voyage!